Waterford Country School honors Wireless Zone owner

Scott Gladstone, owner of Wireless Zone, talks with friends at the the Waterford Country School's recognition reception Wednesday.

Scott Gladstone, owner of 10 local Wireless Zone stores, was honored Wednesday as the recipient of Waterford Country School's 2012 Community Service Award.

The award presentation took place at the annual Board-Staff Recognition Reception at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center in Waterford.

The Waterford Country School holds a special place in Gladstone's heart. Gary Saunders, who passed away on Jan. 27, 2011, was a loyal friend and customer of the Wireless Zone. He was entrenched in the Waterford Country's School's mission and encouraged Gladstone to do the same.

"I visited the school, and immediately knew that there would be no better spot for me to dedicate my efforts, energy and funding," Gladstone said. "This is an incredible organization that is ultimately helping children who do not have the guidance or direction outside of the school to help themselves."

Gladstone annually nominates the Waterford Country School for the Wireless Zone Foundation Grant, which donates thousands per year to the school.

The Wireless Zone stores, during the Christmas season, also host a Toy Drive for the school's students. Gladstone and his team also built a tree house for the children and organized the appearance of Patrick Pass of the New England Patriots. Gladstone's dedication to the Gary Saunders Memorial Golf Tournament helped raise more than $22,000 for the school.


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