Some properties get undeserved tax breaks, as mill rate goes up

Griswold mill rate could go down if they collected the right taxes. A significant amount of land in the town is under Public Act 490. This act protects farmland and forestland in Griswold by taxing at a lower value. While there are farms and forestland that do belong under 490, there's much that should not be, like a funeral home, seven acres of waterfront, a restaurant, just to name a few of the many that are committing fraud under this act.

I tried to tell the people of the town in a budget meeting on May 7, they shut me down. I've told the Connecticut DEEP, Griswold assessor, asked the first selectman if they ever looked into this, emailed many state and federal offices. No one cares, it seems. The town is losing big tax money and the governing officials have to know. The assessor needs to get in a car and go look at these properties. I have, it took me three weeks. The company that did the revaluation on the town did a terrible job. I can show you homes, barns, buildings not on the street cards. Is this gross negligence, a mistake, or do the officials know?

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