And one more thing ...

Before we close the book on this week's rush of legislation during the one-day General Assembly session, there is this.

Senate President Donald Williams assured Day Staff Writer J.C. Reindl that he and his Democratic majority were just doing what the people wanted.

"We are accomplishing things that the people of Connecticut want us to accomplish," is the way the senator explained it.

Who knew that the people of Connecticut wanted the statutory date for reporting state revenue figures this fall moved from Oct. 14 to Nov. 10? Nov. 10 is four days after Nov. 6, also known as Election Day.

Apparently the Democratic leadership feared the revenue figures might not be too good and they knew the people wouldn't want to get such bad news just three weeks before an election. It might upset them or, worse, discourage them from voting for deserving Democrats. The Republicans would try to make a big deal of a revenue shortfall. If there's anything the people hate, it's being confused by Republicans before an election. Just ask Sen. Williams.

But, if we may presume to speak for the Connecticut people just this once, we'd advise Sen. Williams and his cohorts that the people would like them to finish their business in an orderly fashion and in the allotted time.

The Connecticut people would also like them to stop sneaking things they want into last-minute legislation that no one has had time to think about or understand.

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