Time for our president, Holder to come clean

President Obama has asserted executive privilege over the relevant post-Feb. 4, 2011, documents concerning "Fast and Furious." When are these so-called leaders going to learn, the cover up is worse than the crime? From Watergate to Monica Lewinsky to John Edwards to Fast and Furious, politicians just don't get it, lying to cover their crimes and screw ups only compounds the final cost and makes them bigger losers in the end.

Come on, President Obama and Attorney General Holder, turn over the documents, stop stonewalling and lying. Come clean. It will all come out in the end anyway and you will just look worse then you do now, for acting like immature school boys lying about cheating or stealing to avoid a detention, setting yourselves up for expulsion instead.

Lead and stop hiding, act like honorable men. Give up the papers. Nothing to hide? Then why stonewall? The perception now is you are hiding dirt to save yourselves or your election. Set an honorable and trustworthy example for America's youth instead of this underhanded deceit and hiding of the truth for the sake of politics.

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