Having no insurance penalizes everybody

The writer of a July 2 letter, "Court deals fatal blow to individual freedom," asked, "Is it necessary to chip away at the foundation of personal freedom that this country was built upon?"

My answer to you is yes. Your statement, "I for one will not be taxed for not purchasing a product I do not believe to be in my best interest" couldn't possibly have been thought out.

If you are found injured on the street, do you not want someone to pick you up and take you to the hospital? Who do you think pays for that if you have no medical coverage? I do. This is where your personal freedoms impinge upon mine.

The world is a very different place from when our original freedoms were established. We reside physically much closer now, and there are many more of us. It is frequently impossible for one to have absolute freedom and not affect your neighbor.

The issue now is how do we function together as a society where there are checks and balances so that fairness prevails.

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