Removing the sticker not pain and agony

Just when you thought people could not get any lazier along comes a letter writer, "Don't want to work to get at the news," (July 7), complaining about taking a sticker off a paper (along with the one-and-a half page ads).

It's annoying? Let's see, are you back from the war with no finger or hands? I'm sure those military people who did come back with missing limbs would not mind. How about people born with a physical impairments, those who are blind or have Guillan Barre disease, which my husband has and his precious eye sight is being robbed from him and he can no longer read a newspaper. He'd love to take those stickers and one-and-a-half page ads off.

I really pity anyone who has to work so hard just to read a newspaper. Oh dear, dear, dear.

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