Effects of climate change can't be denied

According to NASA, 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the upper safe limit. But it is over 400 ppm and rising.

Storms are more severe, drought is unprecedented, fires are raging across the west, sea levels will rise forcing migration from areas near water level. The migration is already beginning. Many low coastal areas will become inhabitable forcing many of the world's poorest to migrate to higher ground.

Glacier melt can deprive billions of people of fresh water. Resource wars will become much more likely. Water shortages will be particularly acute between India and Pakistan, so there will be high danger of nuclear war.

Insects will proliferate in northern climates bringing more disease.

Climate change may not happen gradually because there are likely considerable non-linearities. Arctic ice melt will cause a change in the albedo, permafrost melt will release large amounts of methane, fresh water runoff from melting Greenland ice can cause a slowing or stopping of the Gulf Stream.

So CBS has joined the climate deniers by hosting David Bernard as "severe weather consultant."

Yet another reason that corporate "news" is untrustworthy, irresponsible and pandering to willfully ignorant Republicans.

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