Full disclosure needed for city contracts

Among New London's many problems, the gravest is our city law director, who advises city councilors they can't publicly reveal what they are voting on.

Democracy is over if our elected representatives are not free to inform the public and openly discuss what they are about to decide. By this logic, we can only learn what our representatives have obligated us to after the fact.

Connecticut General Statutes Title 1, Chapter 14 (Freedom of Information), list among items exempt from public disclosure, "Records, reports and statements of strategy or negotiations with respect to collective bargaining."

Even if such contracts were exempt, the statue only prevents forced public disclosure. Nothing prohibits any public official from voluntarily sharing documents with the public. This is straightforward law. The statutory intent is to prevent unions from learning negotiation tactics, not conceal what union members already know.

This is an outrage against open democracy. Any city councilor not immediately acting to remove this attorney needs his head examined. The unions have long run this city. When they now openly and physically attempt to intimidate our mayor and councilors, things have gone too far.

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