With GOP backing, Linda best Senate pick

Linda McMahon's big win on Aug. 14 removes all doubt that Linda has made her case with the GOP in Connecticut. Both the convention of the "establishment" GOP and the wider base of Connecticut's Republican voters have enthusiastically endorsed Linda.

Linda has been making the broader argument for all of Connecticut's voters than her opponent, Congressman Chris Murphy. He promises more of the same while Linda brings the promise of shaking things up with only her constituents and - not special interests - to serve.

There has been some argument, over the years, as to the attendance record of Chris as a representative. I don't care so much whether he's in attendance; it's his voting record (98 percent alignment with Nancy Pelosi) that prompts me to work for Linda.

I have many close friends who supported Chris Shay's campaign (my husband, for one). I know it is hard to recover from a loss to a candidate you don't support. If you think that Linda doesn't have all the answers, speak directly to her. Linda is absolutely approachable and her responses are direct. Murphy must filter his response through the special interests that put him into office.

I like Linda personally and I like Linda's plan to put Connecticut back to work.

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