See you later, alligator

If I were a betting dog and you asked me to choose sides in the battle of the gator vs. the retiree, I would pick the gator every time.

Most of the time I’d be right.

Then comes Mr. Gustafson, the Fla. retiree who, according to news reports, gave it good to a 7-foot-long alligator that was trying to turn his terrier into tapas.

Mr. G. was working in the yard and heard a terrible yelp from his dog, Bounce, who had been sniffing around the edge of a pond in the back yard. He turned around to see the hungry gator pulling Bounce into the pond.

That’s when Mr. G. went all Crocodile Hunter on the gator. He managed to submerge the beast and free his pup, who is fine.

Man’s best friend finds a dog’s best friend in Mr. G.

And what happened to the gator? You can read about that here.

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