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Property Transactions - Nov. 23, 2012

Published November 23. 2012 4:00AM


93 Fitchville Rd: Codding, Concetta to East, Jennifer, $124,000.

Rachel Dr: Adelman Family LP to Fargo Family LP, $75,000.

25 Stockhouse Rd: Fargo Family LP to Adelman Family LP, $200,000.

97 Caroline Rd: Home Improvements&Mainten to Lopriore, Kyle C & Garewski, Alison M, $269,000.


559 Lebanon Ave: James Marino Jr Const to Thomas, Justin & Mousette, Jennifer, $299,900.

57 Fairway Dr #57: Mcmahon, Martha to Hornbecker, Robert J & Hornbecker, Denise K, $187,400.

280 Chestnut Hill Rd: Edwards, Marlene J to Coty, Sean A & Miller, Wendy R, $190,000.

39 Bull Hill Rd: Moreira, Antonio M & Kuster, Renee L to Jean Martin Brown T & Brown, Jean M, $105,000.

152 Elliot Dr: Vancamp, Jesse L & Vancamp, Kristin M to Daniels, Robert L, $179,000.

27 Lebanon Ave: Suroviak, Paul to 395 Realty LLC, $130,000.

27 Lebanon Ave: Suroviak, Paul to 395 Realty LLC, $130,000.

168 Chestnut Hill Rd: Drum, Susan J to Miner, Marcie M, $98,000.

39 Lynn St: Carter, William M to Bragdon, Marshal, $189,000.


32 Murphy Rd: Rytamn, Dora to Coleman, Patrick J, $40,000.

32 Murphy Rd: Rytamn, Dora to Coleman, Patrick J, $85,000.

Route 32: DSD Cedar Hill LLC to Nancy Gerry Co & Gerry, Peter A, $250,000.


65 Popple Bridge Rd: Fry, Jarret J & Fry, Nancy D to Mozden, Christopher M & Mozden, Natasha L, $252,000.


5 Grove Ave: Capone, John J to Eastern Savings Bank FSB, $1.

85 Crown Knoll Ct #109: Sullivan, Thomas to Volpe, Denise T, $89,000.

188 Poquonnock Rd: Lafemina, Kristin M & Lefemina, Theodore J to Nordstrom, Alva C, $153,000.

575 Groton Long Point Rd: Krispi LLC to Fairbairn, Geoffrey H, $400,000.

128 Meridian St: Birch Bank Props Inc to MMR LLC, $525,000.

31 George Ave: Stefanik, Robert & Stefanik, Carol A to Johnson, Carl E, $162,000.

45 Chapman St: Ritorto, Diane S to Duniap, James R, $185,000.

48 Maple Dr: Runsewa, Surapun to BAC Home Loans Svcng LP, $1.

1030 Noank Ledyard Rd: Pratt, Donald B to Whittle, Robert F & Whittle, Briditte M, $137,000.

543 Sandy Hollow Rd: Pavelski, Jimmy C to Arscott, Amity L, $202,000.

13 Center St: Newall, Mark G & Weiss, Susan S to Carroll, Pamela J, $280,000.

12 Windwood Way: Kallinen, Evelyn S to Romilly, Todd G & Romilly, Gretchen F, $315,000.

28 Walter Fish Ave: FNMA to Conti, Laura A, $185,000.


757 Beaumont Hwy: Blomberg, Shirley A to Cyr, Cheryl M, $117,000.

191 Lake Shore Dr: Bossie, Valerie to Kaplan, Brad R & Kaplan, Christina M, $225,000.

4 Elyse Ln: Gilbert, Maureen L to Vansteeden, Peter, $229,000.

74 Olenick Rd: Lance, Kenneth R to Parent, Joshua D, $135,000.

559 Goshen Hill Rd: Lane Sandra E Est & Statt, Robert to Suplicki, Stanley, $159,900.

129 Lake Shore Dr: Bermudez, Aricelis to Smith, Monica T & Smith, Russell E, $7,500.

89 Lake Shore Dr: Straub, Charles E & Straub, Barbara A to Gobin, Michael & Gordon, Sandra C, $170,000.

42 Carriage Dr: Boccaccio, Michael & Boccaccio, Christina to Wilson, Daniel M, $160,000.

304 E Hebron Tpke: Fernandez, Roberto C & Fernandez, Susan M to GMAC Mtg LLC, $1.


4 Lucienne Way: Prudential Relocation Inc to Startz, Gregory A & Startz, Lauren L, $265,000.

Christy Hill Rd #20C: Langworthy-Wilson, Cynthi to Hu, Ying J, $48,000.

1538 Route 12 #20C: Hu, Ying J to Tran-Wang, Vi Minh, $48,000.

16 Mathewson Mill Rd: Green Falls Assoc LLC to Pipech, Michael K & Pipech, Lynne P, $340,000.

24 N Glenwoods Rd: Hernandez, Jovenzki C & Hernandez, Nympha A to Stevens, Christopher T, $174,000.

6 Allyn Ln: Frechette, Sally L & Nygren, Steven E to Young, Timothy W & Young, Alexandria E, $138,000.

35 Highland Dr: Cost, Donna L to Villalba, Sara Jayne, $164,900.

58 Pheasant Run Dr: Chelsea Groton Bank to Black, Kevin Z, $190,000.

40 Chriswood Trce: Gardner, Peter C & Gardner, Conrad C to Haras, Davis J & Haras, Jillian P, $349,900.


8 Crescent St: Thomas G Faria Corp to General Teamsters Chauffe, $21,500.


377 Crescent St: Eastern CT Hsng Opportun to Connecticut State Of, $15,000.

Granite St #38: 38 Granite Street LLC to Granite Realty LLC, $29,500.

81 Bayshore Dr: Sullivan, Cecelia to Weinberg, Elizabeth J, $151,000.

174 Parkway N: Ford, Jane C & Sheehan, Annemarie to Pushner, David P & Pushner, Gertrude P, $90,000.

292 Pequot Ave #3B: Pollock, Loretta M to Kay, Elizabeth M, $100,000.

54 Sherman St: Ryken, Lawrence P & Ryken, Joan A to Schumacher, Noah & Schumacher, Heather, $219,000.

15 Cliff St: Hansen, Kathleen J to Sang, Evan W, $123,000.

50 Squire St: Sizer, Michael to Dime Loan Servicing Corp, $1.

856 Bank St: USA HUD to BH Mgmt Group LLC, $35,000.

42 Jefferson Ave: Pescatello, Anthony to Domco LLC, $42,000.

19 Moore Ave: Badillo, Rosario to Americas Residential Prop, $1.

15 Grand St: Dimaapi, Joel & Dimaapi, Nora to Edworks LLC, $30,000.

151 Lincoln Ave: Koch, Theodore W & Midfirst Bank State SB to Midfirst Bank State SB, $164,250.

37 Lincoln Ave: Boles-Senkewitcz, Tammy to Navy FCU, $1.

140 Hempstead St: FNMA to 395 Rea Realty LLC, $60,000.

8 Cedar Grove Ave: Mandell, Marc & CHFA to CHFA, $165,000.

352 Bayonet St: Nationstar Mtg LLC to Little T LLC, $55,000.


33 Meadow Wood Dr: Neff, David H & Glaser, Diane E to Sutherland, Peter B & Sutherland, Mary A, $155,000.

189 Boom Bridge Rd: Suppa, Louis J & Suppa, Sandra L to First Guaranty Mtg, $1.

19 Pine Woods Rd: Mcintosh, William C & Mcintosh, Marjorie J to Seitler, Andrew & Williams, Alyssa L, $255,000.

200 Clarks Falls Rd: Sheehan, Timothy K to Annunziato, Alisa A, $36,000.

200 Clarks Falls Rd: Sheehan, Timothy K to Annunziato, Alisa A, $75,500.


303 Washington St: William W Backus Hospital to Doody, Ryan P & Peterson, Stephanie L, $185,000.

27 Flyers Dr: USA HUD to Melendy Const LLC, $35,600.

220 W Town St: Eastern Federal Bank to Araujo, Quintino, $80,000.

50 Summer St: Pawluk, Daniel J & Pawluk, Mary B to Overton, Isiah Z & Andrews, Anita S, $65,900.

130 Main St: FNMA to Walsh, Natalie M, $85,000.

86 Otrobando Ave #1: Wong, Jenny to Chang, Hai Y & Liu, Zhen X, $120,000.

254 Boswell Ave: Alessio Sam Est & Lucente, Patricia to Longo-Burkholder, Betty J, $95,000.

28 Cherry Hill Rd: Cloutier, Joanne P & Cloutier, Robert E to Countrywide Bank, $1.


131 Route 165: Caplet, Robert W & Caplet, Susan N to Consolini, Patricia A & Consolini, Dorothea A, $399,900.

Strawberry Park Resort #187: Carcieri, Robert to Zeltins, Andis, $61,000.

79 Route 165: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Cyr Const Inc, $154,900.

136 Krug Rd: Stone Financing LLC to Gates, Jeffrey L & Gates, Katie A, $228,000.

136 Krug Rd: Brookfield Relocation Inc to Stone Financing LLC, $228,000.

45 Pierce Rd: Windham North Props LLC to Verville, Thomas J, $250,000.

53 Bunny Rd: Allik, Judith B to Park, Krista, $320,000.

3 Cider Mill Rd: FNMA to Gale, Peter L, $50,250.

6 Lynn Dr: Myers, Jeffrey S to Thayer, Richard, $60,000.


188 High St: Southeast Props LLC to Voebel, David G & Raymond, Amanda L, $157,750.

19 School Hill Rd: Dava Home Solutions LLC to Bardenheuer, Leo, $199,900.


14 Flanders Rd: Cecala, Anthony L & Cecala, Frances T to Lange Miller FT & Miller, Glenn K, $300,000.

4 Wilbur Rd: Malak, Saba S & Malak, Whitney B to James A Noonan FT & Noonan, James A, $1,050,000.

18 Mark St: Holly, Donna J to Campagna, Andrew D & Keeley, Shantel C, $240,000.

6 Lester Ave: Norman, Varian W to Freitas, Stephen J, $180,000.

16 Cutler St: Raffo, Rose V & Raffo, Donald V to Leeming, Paul J & Leeming, Julia M, $345,000.

48 River Rd: Grey, Kelli J to Field, Andrew & Field, Katherine, $236,900.

5 Hillside Ave: Hanken, Stephanie & Hanken, Benjamin J to Center, Todd J & Center, Cheryl, $215,000.

219 N Water St: Mccarty, Tamaray & Gatheral, Lori to Ahern, Donald, $188,000.

257 River Rd #A1: Sawyer, Alice B & Sawyer, Robert F to Letourneau, Denis H & Letourneau, Ghislaine, $46,000.


2 W Strand Rd: Klug, Bruce E to Johnson, Teresa M, $75,000.

11 Beach St W: Vbber, Jaxon L to Bowman, James K & Bowman, Marsha P, $1,500.

221 Rope Ferry Rd: Campbell, James J to Wasylik, Amanda & Geer, Michael, $140,000.

16 6th Ave: Iaconiello, Debra J to Nelson, Roy A & Nelson, Deborah A, $205,000.

54 Rope Ferry Rd #E100: Plona, Lydia J to Nationwide Advantage Mtg, $1.

54 Rope Ferry Rd #N159: Wassef, Nagy A to Nave, John A, $104,900.

336 Willetts Ave: Bosco, Gwendolyn to Doody, Paul J, $126,000.

11 Wilcox Ct: Sullivan, Kimberly A to Brouillard, Karin J, $180,000.

41 Manitock Hl: Silver, Stephen E & Silver, Margot J to Manitock Acres LLC, $300,000.

43 Miner Ave: Sherry, Ryan M to Sherry, Keith P & Stanton, Megan C, $205,900.

521 Boston Post Rd: Carbone, Thomas J to 38 Woodlawn Ave LLC, $85,000.

147 Oil Mill Rd: Petchark, Charles R to Bank Of America NA, $1.

181 Cross Rd: Chelsea Groton Bank to 181 Cross Road LLC, $500,000.

637 Vauxhall Street Ext: Marrero, Willy Bruno to Bailey, Christopher R & Bailey, Danielle L, $195,000.

11 Charles Ave: Cushman, Eugene C & Suntrust Mtg Inc to Suntrust Mtg Inc, $192,180.

28 Quinley Way: Kotecki, Jeffrey & Kotecki, Lisa to Dibuono, Joseph, $150,000.

486 Mohegan Avenue Pkwy: Shoemaker, Paulette K to Oneill, Jacqueline L, $160,000.

52 Wintergreen Dr: Stein, Philip J & Stein, Natalie V to Lita, Maturn, $230,000.

6 Cinderella Ln: Charter Oak FCU to Bergin, John A & Malerba, Andrew C, $215,000.

601 Mohegan Avenue Pkwy: Greene, Karen E to CHFA, $1.

64 Scotch Cap Rd #109: FNMA to Spohn, Christopher A, $165,000.

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