Improve school security, don't ban assault guns

I am appalled, like all gun owners, at the killings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. I do not support any ban on the so-called assault weapons, a 50 percent tax on ammunition and magazines, registration of every firearm or no mail-order ammo. These are attempts at a quick fix that will not correct the problem.

The sad truth is if some person wants to murder a group of unarmed people there is little the police can do. Gun-control laws are not going to change anything. The next disturbed person may use a chain saw, sword, gasoline truck or about a hundred other things. Are we going to ban anything that can be a weapon?

Violent criminals and psychopaths aren't going away; no law will prevent them from committing murder. They are not going to register firearms or obey gun laws. Now is the time to take this issue seriously enough to protect children.

I suggest the armed forces that are returning be hired by the state to provide security to schools. Teachers should carry the new type of pepper spray, which is very effective and be trained how to use a non-lethal taser, supplied to the schools. This would mean a tax increase that I will gladly pay.

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