Dogs don't bite people ...

Dogs don't bite people, people bite....

Oh, wait. Dogs actually DO bite people. I admit it.

And guns actually DO kill people.

And, yes, so do cars driven recklessly. But to drive recklessly or otherwise, you first have to earn a license, register the vehicle, carry liability insurance and face penalties and prison if you mess up. Police pull you over when you are doing nothing illegal in your perfectly legal car if they suspect you might be a threat to public safety. Yet, we still have a democracy.

But, to get a gun and a killer ammo clip, you walk into a store -- regardless how paranoid, evil, mentally ill, greedy, cruel or selfish you are -- put your money down and go off to inflict damage, or not.

It's not crazy to think that humans in this country should want to have a little more say in who gets a lethal weapon.

That's why word of gun appreciation day strikes this canine as unfortunate. No, wait, that's what a politician would say.

A dog would say gun appreciation day is twisted, crass, moronic, sad, infuriating.

But we're used to that where human behavior is concerned.

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