Blue Öyster Cult in concert at Mohegan Sun Wolf Den

Did you know that, in November, the original five members of Blue Öyster Cult reunited and performed a 40th anniversary show at the Best Buy Theater in New York City? Over two sets and 22 songs, the group spanned their impressive - often brilliant - history.

Do not expect a similar lineup or such an expansive a song list when BÖC plays a free show Saturday in the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den. Nonetheless, as long as main Öysters Eric Bloom and Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser are holding down the fort - and they are - this is legit stuff. (It's also true that ex-Utopia bassist/vocalist Kasim Sultan, an all-world talent, is now in the band. Interesting.)

OK: remember to scream for the one-two punch of "Flaming Telepaths"/"Astronomy," hope they open with "Stairway to the Stars" or "This Ain't the Summer of Love," and rejoice if they pull out "Then Came the Last Days of May."


Blue Öyster Cult, 8 p.m. Saturday, Mohegan Sun Wolf Den; free; 1-888-664-3426;


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