He's not in heat, he's packing heat

In the morning I check out the Internet to see if, while I’ve been ridding the world of squirrels in my dreams, I’ve missed any big news, such as plans to remake the “Lassie” franchise starring a neutered German wire-haired pointer.

Monday morning I came across a story on www.cnn.com about Lawrence, Mass., police dog Ivan, whose human partner commanded him to search for a stolen gun after a suspect jumped out of a car and stashed it just as police arrived.

Ivan dug into the suspect snow bank with his paw and quickly found the semi-automatic Ruger. Then, he promptly fired it like a gunslinger in the Old West, missing everyone, good guys and bad.

 “Everyone on the scene was startled, including Ivan,” according to Lawrence Police Chief John Romero.

So, things got a little exciting unexpectedly, thanks to Ivan's lack of opposable thumbs.

Still at the end of the day, the bad guys were in jail and Ivan had done his job, although maybe with just a bit too much relish.

I know many of you will use this incident as more proof that dogs should not be allowed to carry guns.

I just hope we can come together as a nation on this issue.

Anyway, the story got me thinking of a nickname for Ivan:

“Quick-draw McPaw.”

Whaddya think? Pretty good, ha? Ha?

OK, anyone under age 45 might not get the reference to the 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon “Quick Draw McGraw,” about a bumbling horse sheriff in the Old West, but trust me, it fits.

And good job, Ivan.

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