Public hearing on East Lyme noise ordinance set for Wednesday

East Lyme - Residents will have an opportunity to discuss a potential noise ordinance at a public hearing held by the Board of Selectmen on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

The ordinance would specify the decibel levels of noise a property owner is allowed to make beyond their property during the day and night in both residential and nonresidential zones.

The ordinance would exclude certain noises, such as sirens emitted from emergency vehicles, alarm systems and train horns.

Sounds from daytime construction, snow-removal equipment, permitted recreational activities such as parades or firework shows, are among the exemptions outlined in the proposed ordinance. Town police would enforce the ordinance and fine violators.

The proposed ordinance states that it is intended to "preserve, protect and promote the public health, safety, convenience, general welfare, peace, quality of life, and property values for the citizens of East Lyme, and to facilitate the enjoyment of natural resources and tranquility of the town, through the reduction, control and prevention of excessive noise and vibration."

A copy of the noise ordinance under consideration is available as part of the Board of Selectmen's March 6 public hearing agenda posted online at



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