Theater tip: "Hamlet"

Yale Rep, New Haven

OK, you say you've seen Shakespeare's famous tragedy "Hamlet" a zillion times on stage and on the silver screen. Why bother seeing it again? Because Paul Giamatti has a new take on the ill-fated prince of Denmark, and he's brought it to New Haven, home of his alma mater, Yale, and the region from whence he sprang. You loved in him in "Sideways" and marveled at his gravitas in "John Adams," right? So what if he's a tad older than most Hamlets before him? He transcends that handily, and it is truly wonderful to watch him take his turn onstage in a very demanding role. (Hamlet's death scene by Giamatti is newly raw and tragic.) In short, Giamatti's the real deal. See for yourself through April 13 at Yale Rep's University Theatre. The whole run of the show is sold out (unprecedented, according to Yale Rep) but put yourself on the waiting list, because this "Hamlet" is worth the wait.



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