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Four arrested for alleged drug sales at Montville cafe

Four people were arrested Thursday following a six-month-long investigation into the alleged illegal sale of narcotics from inside the DOTS Café in Montville, which has since been closed, police said.

According to a press release from state police, Trisha A. Dorn, 35, of Uncasville, was charged with four counts of sale of narcotics; Irene Cisneros, 44, of Uncasville, was charged with sale of narcotics; Annie J. Douton, 30, of New London, was charged with four counts of sale of narcotics, and Wayne Baker, 47, of Preston, was charged with sale of narcotics.

A separate arrest warrant was served for Gary L. Mather, 56, of Griswold for possession of narcotics and controlled substances and 12 counts of criminal possession of a firearm.

Police officers and detectives from the Montville and Norwich police departments and the Statewide Narcotics Task Force made the arrests.

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