Outraged over charge of animal abuse

I am outraged beyond words to read about the animal control officer in Woodbridge, who is accused of abusing an animal, "Connecticut animal control officer charged with cruelty," (April 9), because the little dog didn't want to have "human clothes" put on.

This is a dog for God sakes, I can't think of any animals, that would appreciate the confinement. If in fact, this woman is guilty, she should be fired from her animal control job without a doubt. I'll be the first to sign a petition for her to be fired, if the accusations are true, and for her to not have any further contact with animals.

If these are the facts, I'm sure that was not an isolated incident; God only knows what people like this do to the animals when they are alone with them.

Thank God for people like Rep. Diana Urban, someone who loves animals to the depth of her soul and won't sweep this horrible act under the carpet.

I apprecate also the individuals who witnessed this incident and had the courage to report it. Many people would have worried about losing their jobs and stayed silent.

I'm trusting God to bring justice.

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