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Wed., Aug. 27, 2014
Voters should elect new Groton city team

George A. Palmer Groton

Publication: The Day

Despite several letters directed to City of Groton Mayor Marian Galbraith and a personal meeting with her, plus several more letters to The Day, I am still waiting for responsive and rational answers to my many questions regarding the sale of the Thames Valley Communications cable TV system.

So before the Groton City elections, I repeat two of them: Mayor Galbraith, please explain to us why it was in the taxpayers' best interests for Groton Utilities to essentially give away TVC to a private enterprise and leave the taxpayers holding the bag for at least $27.5 million in unsecured debt?

Second, why did you keep deliberations regarding the "sale" so secret until the deal was virtually complete? We accept that you "didn't shout it from the rooftops" but you didn't even whisper it in the public's ear, and that is not acceptable.

Voters must get out and vote for change May 6 and mark your ballots for Jim Streeter, Jerome Dempsey and Michael Boucher on the Republican slate.

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