New London's 2012 grand list increases

New London - The 2012 grand list - which includes all taxable property in the city - increased by less than half a percent, for a net value of just under $1.6 billion.

Net real-estate assessments fell by 0.21 percent, to $1.4 billion. Personal property increased by 14 percent, to $99 million, and motor vehicles decreased by 4.65 percent, to $96 million.

The highest assessed property in the city is the Electric Boat facility on Pequot Avenue. Its gross assessment is $225 million, but because of tax abatements, it pays taxes on just under $49 million.

The top taxpayers and their net assessments are:

1. Electric Boat, $48,665,187

2. Cedar PCP (New London Mall), $26,749,800

3. Connecticut Light & Power, $21,661,044

4. Yankee Gas, $16,566,020

5. Vesta Winthrop (Huntington Street apartments), $13,965,000

6. Ansonia Acquisitions (Hawthorne Drive apartments), $13,856,951

7. Ocean Beach Apartments (Nob Hill, Nautilus Drive and Westridge Road), $13,598,540

8. New London Shopping Center, $13,484,310

9. New London Communities (Pride Point and Progress Point housing), $13,152,448

10. Cross Sound Ferry Properties, $10,707,309


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