No doubt about it, worst president ever

Liberals are winning and it shows. Liberal policies are creating an implosion of our government, our society and our economy.

This president is a perfect example of the politically correct left-wing liberal mindset that dominates college professorships and has brainwashed our entire youth culture, producing apathy and incompetence at every level of society. The result is a divided country, an angry people, and a confused citizenship that lacks vision, leadership, hope and change.

Hopefully the fools who continue to believe in Obama's words, yet never see the hypocrisy of his actions, will awake. He claims to be a Christian, but has approved of late-term abortions.

He smiles, plays basketball, while backing policies providing morning-after pills for 15-year-old girls, acting surprised by IRS targeting of tea party groups, and failed to protect four Americans who received no military help while they were under attack by Islamic radicals in Syria.

It's embarrassing to be an American and watch this awful display of non-leadership, of "oh well, whatever" thinking by the man holding the most powerful position in the world.

God help us you say? We can't say that. Obama said we aren't a Christian nation.

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