Newtown Action Alliance heads to Washington to push for gun control legislation

Seated with her sister Pearl Morosky, 9, not shown, Marie-Therese Morosky, 6, looks back at her father, Andrew Morosky, of Newtown while traveling on the bus from Newtown with members of the Newtown Action Alliance visit Washington D.C. to meet Congressmen to push for gun control legislation. Marie-Therese had four friends that died at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

A few dozen people from the homegrown advocacy group Newtown Action Alliance made the six-hour bus trip from Newtown, Conn. to Washington, D.C.  Wednesday morning to demand Congress resurrect the gun control legislation that failed in April.

The group will join many others descending on Capitol Hill this week ahead of the six-month anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre that killed 20 children.


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