More signs needed on Norwich walkway

I enjoyed the June 16 story, "An urban adventure on the Norwich Heritage Walk." My family has lived only a few miles from the famous Uncas Leap Falls area for many years, yet, not long ago, my daughter, now living in Kansas, was visiting and decided to take the heritage walk. She started at the Sachem Street entrance with plans to continue to Norwich Harbor to enjoy the pathway, the splendor of the foliage, the famous leap by Uncas at the falls, and the pleasant view of the river. However, without adequate sign directions or identifying descriptions of the location, the walk was not significant, having ended on Asylum Street, the other side of the Yantic River.

Therefore, it is hard to believe that signs to enlighten the walkers and tourists to the most outstanding trip describing the local plants, a beautiful church, the setting of a natural harbor, still has not been identified nor best described for the patrons using the walk.

I would rather have Norwich remembered for its historical description of the walk than the city where the most notorious traitor to our country was born.

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