Food tip: Bliss Gourmet


What's in a name? Plenty, if you're heading to Bliss Gourmet in Westbrook. This little slice of foodie heaven opened on Memorial Day weekend alongside Westbrook's stretch of marinas and boat yards on Route 1 and offers what appears to be miles of delicious prepared foods in a glass case: think savory salads - from potato to couscous and every thing in between - grilled veggies, cleverly prepared, forkable meat dishes to go, and a zillion other culinary treats you didn't know existed. (Example: We took home fried ricotta balls recently.) But wait! There's more: Bliss offers a deli counter, deli sandwiches to order, prepared frozen/refrigerated meals, bakery items (try the lemon shortbread cookies) and lovely gourmet groceries scattered throughout the store. Blissed out yet?



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