Bid specs blocked local contractors

Pleased to hear that the Zbierski house at Eastern Point Beach was out to bid for exterior painting. Having our own 50th wedding anniversary there three years ago I happened to notice the state of disrepairs.

As a local painting contractor previously painting the building ourselves in 1990, we were looking forward to working up a price on the repaint. However, reading the bid package, I was disappointed to find out that this was a "prevailing wage job," meaning a union rate of $48 per hour for painters.

As a tax-paying resident of Groton, and a local contractor, I can't see why we have to bring contractors in from out of town and pay that rate when we have more than enough local painting contractors fully capable to do the work for less.

A "prevailing wage" job is the way politicians of a certain persuasion pay back the unions for their support, like the $1.6 million spent on the New London Courthouse, the sidewalks on Bridge Street, Groton, and the guard rails on Interstate 95.

With the poor economy, everyone is tightening their belts except, of course, the government, it keeps spending, borrowing and printing. It's our money. I think it could be spent better.k

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