Reed Thanked for Energy Plan Role

Energy Committee Chair Lonnie Reed joins Gov. Malloy to sign legislation enacting the historic energy plan. The new strategy will increase access to cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy for residents and businesses and create jobs.


State Representative Lonnie Reed(D-Branford) joined Governor Dannel P. Malloy in announcing that the state is taking key steps to implement its first ever Comprehensive Energy Strategy, a plan that will bring cheaper, cleaner, more reliable power to residents and businesses and create jobs.

“For too long, the cost of energy has beena prohibitive factor is making our state a more competitive place to live, work and do business,” Governor Malloy said.“Thanks to the vision of this plan and the hard work of the legislature’s Energy and Technology Committee, specifically the chairs andranking members, today we take meaningful steps in lowering costs for residents and businesses.”

Rep. Reed, Co-Chair of the Energy & Technology Committee, led the robust House debate that resulted in passage of the CES bill on June 1st.After signing the bill into law, Governor Malloy presented the document to Rep. Reed, who said, “I am enormously proud of this ambitious and multi-faceted new law.” She continued, “We are not only dramatically increasing the quantity and scale of clean, renewable energy projects, we are also expanding opportunities for Connecticut residents and businesses to convert to cleaner burning, more affordable natural gas.” Rep. Reed concluded, “Energy Committee members from both sides of the aisle worked hard to negotiate theCES bill and get it passed.  We could show Washington a thing or two when it comes to getting things done.”

Governor Malloy told the packed news conference, “With this legislation in place, we will be able to speed up our efforts and continue todrive down the cost of heat and electricity for families, reduce operating costs, and make our businesses more competitive.”

The Governoralso announced a number of actions that demonstrate the state’s commitment to swift implementation of the recommendations in the Comprehensive Energy Strategy:

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protect (DEEP) is releasing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for long-term energy contracts from solar, wind, biomass and other “Class I” renewable energy projects in the New England region to obtain cheaper prices for these clean energy sources.

In response to the legislation, the state’s natural gas distribution companies have submitted a ten-year plan for expanding access to cheaper, cleaner natural gas for homes andbusinesses across the state.This plan is under review by DEEP and the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority.

This month, DEEP will launch the approval process to significantly ramp up the state’s investment in its energy efficiency program.Energy efficiency is the cheapest, cleanest way to lower energy bills, reduce emissions, and support the local economy.

The kick-off of EVConnecticut Incentives program, which will provide financial assistance to private businesses and municipalities interested in installing publicly-accessible electric vehicle charging stations.

“These new programs and actions demonstrate my commitment to quickly following through on the recommendations contained in Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy,” Governor Malloy said.“These programs announced today and many others already underway are moving us closer to a cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy future for Connecticut every day.I want to thank the entire General Assembly for their work on this issue.”

The legislation is Public Act 13-298(An Act Concerning Implementation of Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy and Various Revisions to the Energy Statutes) and Public Act 13-303(An Act Concerning Connecticut’s Clean Energy Goals).


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