Cherish and keep alive memories of departed

In coping with the death of a loved one, we should allow ourselves to do the healthy thing, grieve the loss and in so doing better understand the passing of someone dear; it's the ultimate, unimaginable loss.

Individuals grieve differently. We should permit ourselves to grieve in a manner that is conducive to healing and also at some point be there for others during their time of grief after a devastating loss, helping them to grieve in the manner they need to.

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, special yearly gatherings, etc., might be tough, hence keeping the memory alive is important. Consider planting a tree, having a picnic, coupled with a family gathering and laughing about the good times.

There's no set time for mourning our loss, but it may be advisable for us to seek temporary counseling to sort out feelings associated with the deceased's passing. This will help us to work towards returning to our lives and obligations. Moving on in life is not forgetting, it's about learning to live with the loved one no longer present on Earth, but rather forever "alive" in our hearts, our minds, our spirits, ever present within us forever.

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