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Sat., Aug. 30, 2014
Skin color cartoon was 'most insulting ... ever'

Frank Zugel Savannah, GA

Publication: The Day

Skin color is not deadly, certainly not as presented in the political cartoon published July 17.

This representation was the worst, most insulting and demeaning drawing ever. The "cartoon" drawn by Mike Luckovich should offend every person in the world; and especially Americans, where this ludicrous portrayal unfortunately originated.

Ongoing values exists in every person and are not limited by "skin color" race, creed, nationality, religion, wealth, or whatever. How that value is realized or not depends on many things, some positive, some not; some difficult, some easy. I could ramble on and dilute the real disappointment and embarrassment I feel. Then again, I could be wrong and hope that the intent of this cartoon was to depict tears of joy and pride from the mother (who knows the doctor is wrong and mothers always know the truth) as she covers her face and pictures her child one day becoming either a member of the United States military, a teacher, a firefighter, a police officer, a doctor, an entrepreneur, a religious leader; the attorney general; or even the president of the United States of America.

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