Volunteer of the Year Recipient

Paul Liistro, Michelle Behr, Ruth Bachman, Kathy Pajor holding a photo of Job, Matt Barrett

Congratulations to Ruth Bachman and her therapy dog Job for receiving the CT Association of Health Care Facilities, Inc.’s Volunteer of the Year Award.

Ruth Bachman is an amazingly dedicated volunteer who has brought her dog to Beechwood and other facilities in New London County for over 10 years. Ruth & Job’s visits have brought smiles and good cheer to all who have encountered them.

Beechwood recently learned that Job has cancer. Job has been riding in a doggie stroller in order to carry out his mission in life: to bring joy and provide an improved quality of life for the patients and residents in nursing homes.

Beechwood feels very passionate about this nomination for Ruth and Job. Their commitment to pet therapy and to the nursing home community is heartwarming.

Ruth and Job can be found on Beechwood’s facebook page in honor of their many years of service to the nursing home industry.

Job has little time left and when he is gone his impact on the Beechwood family, residents, patients, families and employees will be difficult to cope with and difficult to replace. We would like to honor Job and Ruth with this award before he passes away.