Nation's strengths: Equality, freedom and choice

This is in response to the letter, "Woe to a country that ignores scripture," (July 29), regarding scripture and the country.

People came to this country to be able to practice, or not, any or no religion they wanted. I agree that the men who wrote our country's founding documents were versed in scripture. However, even they did not always follow the lessons.

Ben Franklin was never legally married to his wife, Deborah. Thomas Jefferson, who is known to have second thoughts about religion, had many escapades with women and died in deep debt.

As a country we welcome those of all religions, yet require none. It is not religion that guides us. It is humanity. It is family. It is how we are raised, to do good, not evil.

Many people don't read any religious texts nor practice any religion, yet are good people with compassion and empathy. How many wars throughout time to the present have been fought over religion? It is a fact that some people are born gay. Do they not have the right to equality in the eyes of our country and of any so called God? How long did blacks and women fight for equality under the law?

The court's role is not to defend morality, only the law.

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