McFee's attacks were unfair and uncalled for

Silly season has begun. When Dana McFee accuses fellow Montville councilors of declining to discuss legal options about sex offenders released into our communities, he fails to tell the whole story.

First, he neglects to mention the significant legal fees that the town incurred in its fight against this facility, with no end in sight, when the MOU ultimately was signed. In fact, he recently incurred further legal costs for the town on this issue by asking the town attorney to provide information to him. Second, readers may be surprised to learn that he voted in favor of the MOU he now criticizes.

Regarding his proposed special council meeting, his letter to the editor, "Montville should have fought state harder," (Sept. 26), is the only response councilors received when he was asked to identify the goals he anticipated to be accomplished by way of such a meeting.

It is too bad that Dana McFee chooses to name call rather than collaborate with his fellow councilors. What a disservice to the good citizens of Montville.

Editor's note: Candy Buebendorf is a member of the Montville council.

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