Obamacare: 'This is not reform, this is welfare'

Health care is not the same as health insurance. Top down bureaucracy is not the way to fix health care, nor is mandating everyone have insurance. The Affordable Health Care Act was put together by a lame-duck session of Congress and is not what this country needs.

The "law of the land" as some try to call it, will end up being like a VA hospital (no offense to them). The one size fits all is not what America is about. I have heard countless alternatives to this horrible law.

But this administration does not want to negotiate with anyone who offers a different or better opinion. A 30-year-old law student, who was paying for health insurance, now has been enrolled in Medicaid under this law. This is not comprehensive reform, this is welfare. The federal government will only make the health care industry as a whole worse.

Name one thing that the feds do well.

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