Issue of aging schools confronts North Stonington board candidates

North Stonington - Five candidates will compete for two Board of Education seats next Tuesday, along with one candidate for a two-year vacancy on the board.

In the coming term, board members, along with the Ad Hoc School Building Committee, will be faced with the continuing question of how to address the district's aging school facilities - specifically, how to improve Wheeler High School. Superintendent Peter Nero has said that he would like to see a building plan brought to a town referendum next year.

The board will also contend with next year's release of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges report, which will determine how the school matches up with regional standards. The last report was in 2004, and Wheeler's accreditation was placed on a warning list in 2008.

Incumbents Robert Carlson, a Republican, Democrat David McCord, and Crystal Dame - who failed to claim a Democratic endorsement but is running as a petitioning candidate - are all running again.

Newcomers Christine Wagner, a Republican who serves on the Economic Development Commission, and Democrat Julia Buzzee are running for seats on the board. Republican Alex Karpinski, an incumbent by appointment, is running to fill the board's two-year vacancy.

Also on the ballot next week is incumbent Town Clerk Norma Holliday, a Republican.

Republican Robin Roohr is running again for treasurer against Democratic challenger Mustapha Ratib, who serves on the Board of Finance.

Incumbent Republican Daniel Spring, chairman of the Board of Finance, is running again; also running are incumbent Brent Woodward, a Democrat, and Timothy Main II, a Republican.

Republican Charlie Steinhart is running to fill a four-year vacancy on the Board of Finance, along with Mike Urgo, an unaffiliated incumbent by appointment who was endorsed by the Democratic Town Committee.

Incumbents Christine Wagner, a Republican, and Raymond Geer, a Democrat, are running for the Economic Development Commission, along with newcomers Andrea Sadowski, a Republican, and Bernard Bartick, a Democrat.

Incumbent Republicans Louis Steinbrecker and Joseph Siner are running for the Planning and Zoning Commission, along with Julie Lanier, a Democrat, currently serving as an alternate.

Republican Edmond McGowan is running for Planning and Zoning Commission alternate.

Republican incumbents Charlie Burger and Robin Hall are running for the Zoning Board of Appeals, along with Vilma Gregoropoulos, a Democrat, who is currently an alternate.

Republicans Gary Thompson and Amy Kimball and Democrat Anne Nelson are running for Zoning Board of Appeals alternate positions.


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