Hartford forum to seek input on potential environmental legislation

Hartford - The Council on Environmental Quality will host a forum on potential environmental legislation at 9:30 a.m. Dec. 5 in Hearing Room 1B of the Legislative Office Building.

CEQ Council Chairwoman Susan Merrow said the council hopes for useful input from the public that it can use to develop the recommendations it will submit to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and the General Assembly.

The forum will be in the style of a public hearing. The council has published its draft list of legislative recommendations at: www.ct.gov/ceq.

Merrow said the forum will be relatively informal. Each person who signs up to speak will be given a few minutes, and is invited to submit written comments before or during the forum.

For information, call (860) 424-4000.

The CEQ publishes Environmental Quality in Connecticut, the state’s annual report on the status of our air, water, land and life. It is also required by law to recommend legislation “for remedying the deficiencies of existing programs and activities.” From its review of statewide environmental indicators and investigation of citizen complaints, the council has identified the most critical deficiencies and is preparing recommendations for legislation.

Merror said that in addition to recurring recommendations for maintaining the Clean Water Fund and basic land conservation programs, there are new recommendations this year pertaining to alternative sewage treatment systems, statewide water planning, better streamflow monitoring, protection of conservation lands in perpetuity and protecting residents from imported hazardous wastes generated by fracking. Sme of those recommendations are not fully developed, she said, and the council will welcome input on the details.

For information and directions to the hearing, visit: www.ct.gov/ceq.


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