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Real Estate Transactions for Dec. 5

Published 12/04/2013 12:00 AM
Updated 12/03/2013 03:36 PM


165 Cow Hill Road: Corey L. Grossman to Eric J. Moreira and Kristen K. Buccieri, $315,000 on Nov. 6

47 North High Street, Lot 4: Sandra L. and Edward R. Stevens to Craig Heughins, $45,000 on Nov. 4

170 Shore Road: Catherine T. Symons to Robert L. and Lee C. Berchem, $345,000 on Nov. 5

16 Stony Point Road, Lot 11: David J. and Barbara Bulgini to Clifton and Judith Williams, $131,000 on Nov. 7

Old Saybrook

19 Attawanhood Trail: Marie D. Happenny to Timothy F. Lambrecht, $100,000 on Oct. 29

11 Coulter Street, Unit 5: Mary B. Dannaher to William B. Robins and Charlotte E. Robbins, $375,000 on Oct. 31

28 Cricket Court: Kevin B. and Holley C. Ready to Stephen L. and Linda B. Jackson, $410,000 on Oct. 25

10 Hill Road: Antonio A. and Carol S. Matarese to Almarie Walczak, $553,000 on Oct. 30

25 Sunset Road, Unit 9: Jean M. Stubenbord to Mary S. O'Connor, $489,000 on Oct. 24


198 Green Hill Road: T&S Const Co to Venkata S. Bhamidipati and Umadevi Kotikalapudi, $568,450 on Oct. 11

65 Old Route 79, Unit 28: Matthew C. Lawrence to Louis Kozma, $162,500 on Oct. 11

4 Opening Hill Road: Robert E Lienhard RET and Mary E. Lienhard to Rachael P. Cash, $782,332 on Oct. 11

108 Rolling Meadow Road: Gerald T. and Christine G. Hunt to Emily J. and Jordan C. Morris, $320,000 on 09/13

301 Warpas Road: Vigliotti Const Co to Robert M. and Marcy R. Laska, $539,000 on Oct. 11

117 Windsor Court: Mark L. and Darlene G. Lafontaine to Justine M. Lyons, $640,000 on Oct. 16

18 Legend Hill Road, Unit 18: David W. Moore to Frederick A. and Eleanor P. Jacobs, $285,000 on Oct. 25

5 Michele Lane: US Bank NA to Ziaulbag Ahady, $441,400 on Oct. 28

52 Woodland Road: Ryan J. and Molly A. Volenec to Susan Jordan-Yoshimine and Jeffrey E. Yoshimine, $295,000 on Oct. 30


166 Schnoor Road: Schnoor Road LLC to Donald and Cynthia Venuti, $50,000 on Nov. 4


85 River Road, Unit F2: Suzanne E. Crawford to Sarah G. Markesky, $240,000 on Oct. 24

85 River Road, Unit E6: Kathleen Williams to CCLW LLC, $200,000 on Oct. 22

16 Mill Road: David and Christina Theberge to Jason T. Raney and Nicole M. Cambria, $2,450,000 on Nov. 1

105 North Main Street: 105 North Main Street LLC to Robert Cipolla and Mary Higgins, $735,000 on Oct. 29

27 Blake Street: Christopher J. Going to Gohome LLC, $193,000 on Nov. 8

70 Lynn Road: Peter M. Burch and Karen S. Rosenthal to Christopher A. South and Lorraine Carbonaro, $244,500 on Nov. 8

Deep River

33 Bushy Hill Road: C&C Builders LLC to Carl J. and Sophie T. Maleri, $439,000 on Oct. 30

9 Huckleberry Drive: Russell W. and Marie J. Quick to Eric Ducoff and Krista Carlson, $357,500 on Oct. 31

85 W Bridge Street: Nucci Michael Est and Diane C. Novinski to Eric S. and Elizabeth A. Grieder, $242,000 on Nov. 8


5 Arrowhead Lane: Celia C. Hogan to Susan M. Winkel and David S. Crockett, $350,000 on Oct. 22

16 Castle Rock, Unit 16: Elizabeth Greenspan to Brynhildur Sverrisdottir and Atli Gudmundsson, $330,000 on Oct. 25

333 Clark Avenue: Herman Kustra to Dennis Pantani, $130,000 on Oct. 25

92 Damascus Road: Paul D. Wes to Linda and Angelo Dirienzo, $470,000 on Oct. 24

30 Fir Tree Drive North: Gary J. and Trudi E. Borkowski to Jared E. Cooke and Angela M. Ruggiero, $320,000 on Oct. 24

29 Hill Street: Peter P. Delvecchio to Christopher D. and Katrina M. Eddy, $360,000 on Oct. 23

28 Hunting Ridge Farms Road: Christian B. Shelton to Charles F. and Doris J. Shelton, $400,000 on Oct. 22

25 Maltby Street: Thomas S. and Linda M. Wolfe to Richard C. and Jodi B. Pollack, $550,000 on Oct. 22

81 North Main Street, Unit 26a: Elizabeth M. Fiorentino to Joseph V. Quartiano, $130,000 on Oct. 25

166 Pawson Road: Joseph L. and Maryann Montesano to Mark R. and Annamarie G. Mercurio, $747,000 on Oct. 21

9 Stonewall Lane: Acil A. Fradenburg to Richard P. Monaco, $150,000 on Oct. 23

131 Sunset Hill Drive: Aaron Snow to David and Erin Cerrito, $458,605 on Oct. 22

Sylvan Point: Herbert L. and Charlotte M. Jay to Thomas S. and Linda M. Wolfe, $330,000 on Oct. 23

30 Harbor Side, Unit 30: Brian A. Cameron to Edward J. and Kimberley Crowley, $750,000 on Nov. 1

287 Harbor Street: Robert F. and Barbara E. Capello to Lee A. and Frederick P. Jennings, $186,000 on Nov. 1

150 Highland Avenue: Frank M. and Jill D. Armstrong to Anne C. Eichmann and Jean L. Thomas, $750,000 on Oct. 29

91 Linden Avenue: David C. Bassett to Sara J. Russo, $675,000 on Oct. 31

26 North Main Street, Lot 19: William and Patricia Scully to Ryan P. White, $45,000 on Nov. 1

81 North Main Street, Unit 11b: Michael P. Kersjes to Joseph and Ann Carbone, $125,000 on Oct. 31

23 Pawson Road: Peter and Susan Brown to Katharine H. Higgins and William A. Leece, $875,000 on Oct. 30

59 Riverwalk: Donmar Development Corp to Virginia A. Seccombe, $525,000 on Oct. 31

13 Rock Road: FNMA to Jeffrey H. Bluege, $158,000 on Oct. 31

52 Turtle Bay Drive, Unit 52: Owens Anne W Est and Robert D. Owens to Daniel J. and Sharon M. Courcey, $267,500 on Oct. 31

232 Greens Farm Road, Unit 232: Maureen T. Jones to Frank Cimilluca and Linda Burns, $181,250 on Nov. 7

22 Hammer Place: Donald M. Smith to 22 Hammer LLC, $93,000 on Nov. 6

26 Hammer Place: Donald M. Smith to 26 Hammer LLC, $93,000 on Nov. 6

48 Home Place: Maureen P. Daros to Hillary A. and James H. Mendillo, $235,000 on Nov. 7

16 Juniper Point Road: Rhoda G. Schwarz T and Rhoda G. Schwarz to William S. and Cynthia B. Gedge, $465,000 on Nov. 4

38 Laurel Hill Road: Richard L. and Catherine Reynolds to Chithanh N. Nguyen and Brook Logan, $347,500 on Nov. 5

17 Linden Point Road: 18 Linden Point Road LLC to Linden Point Road LLC, $760,000 on Nov. 4

81 North Main Street, Unit 25a: US Bank NA to Amato Bevilacqua, $103,099 on Nov. 5

27 Pent Road: Prusski Stanley T. Est and Pamela A. Proto to David Hayes, $173,000 on Nov. 8

8 Rogers Street: Donald M. Smith to 8 Rogers LLC, $214,000 on Nov. 6

Thimble Island Road: Valenti John W. Est and Kelina V. Summers to Laura A. Carolla, $50,000 on Nov. 7

East Haven

64 Catherine Street: Jeffrey Vance to August Zupka, $165,000 on Oct. 16

12 Cedar Court, Unit D: Connex CU to Mohammed Ali, $62,500 on Oct. 18

34 Center Avenue: Matthew and Colleen Wiedemann to Marvin Carley, $179,500 on Oct. 21

10 Clearview Avenue: Robert M. and Suzanne M. Macy to Michael Turcio, $192,000 on Oct. 22

32 Damen Drive: Erin K. Donahue to Brian M. Canning, $191,000 on Oct. 16

41 David Drive: Jacquelyn Delfranco and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $1 on Oct. 17

244 Half Mile Road: Campass Bank to Peter B. Maxson, $227,000 on Oct. 18

42 Hellstrom Road: FNMA to Astrid M. Pronga, $100,000 on Oct. 16

7 Manor Road: Peter Dellarocca and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $1 on Oct. 16

72 Old Town Highway: Stephen J. Papa to Lighthouse Marina LLC, $15,000 on Oct. 22

54 Park Street: Alex and Lucille Morgillo to Susan Moscato, $184,000 on Oct. 15

10 Roma Street, Unit 10: Mark C. Wilson and CHFA to CHFA, $1 on Oct. 17

22 Timberland Drive: Jonna L. Palluotto to Giacomo G. and Sharon L. Dinuzzo, $385,800 on Oct. 18

39 Branhaven Drive: Timothy W. Buckley and Britany A. Benn to Richard J. Ericksen, $261,000 on Oct. 24

381 Coe Avenue, Unit G23: Chi Nguyen to Drew C. and Charles J. Most, $8,000 on Oct. 30

385 Coe Avenue, Unit 4: Chi Thanh Nguyen to Stanley and Karen Sawicki, $148,000 on Oct. 30

411 Coe Avenue: Cyr Annette Est and Cofrancesco Mary E Est to Annette Cyr, $105,000 on Oct. 23

380 Cosey Beach Avenue: Frank W. Hubbell to Towering Oaks LLC, $215,000 on Oct. 23

165 Hemingway Avenue: Stephen and Susan Bowden to Mark A. Defrancesco, $215,000 on Oct. 30

19 Maplevale Road: Rey C. and Jackelyn Hizon to Stephen M. McGovern, $115,000 on Oct. 30

1090 North Main Street: Benjamin Mazzucco and Jeffrey T. Beatty to Erik R. Wilson, $48,000 on Oct. 29

6 Thomas Court: Brusseau Genevieve Est and Tracey P. Couto to Kevin Sheard, $125,000 on Oct. 31

197 Angela Drive: Nicholas and Debra Aiello to Michael A. Giamattei, $295,000 on Nov. 4

8 Birch Lane, Unit H: FNMA to James L. Mccullough, $72,000 on Nov. 1

72 Cosey Beach Avenue, Unit 5: Patricia A. Perrelli to Millenium Investors LLC, $245,000 on Nov. 1

90 Cosey Beach Avenue, Unit 4: Torsten Ehrig to Hong Guo, $190,000 on Nov. 6

211 Mansfield Grove Road: US Bank NA to James A. Bassett, $148,000 on Nov. 1

188 Maple Street: Titan Properties LLC to William E. Larson and Felicia M. Streeter, $235,000 on Nov. 4

85 Michael Street: Joann Manzi to Kendall Meeker, $75,000 on Nov. 6

330 Short Beach Road, Unit 1-10: US Bank NA to Luke Graham, $46,874 on Nov. 7

12 Sorrento Avenue: Elisabeth A. and Richard L. Simmons to Blake Smith, $30,000 on Nov. 4

10 Suppa Drive: Jeffrey and Jennifer Iszkiewicz to Joseph and Ann Pastore, $253,000 on Nov. 4

North Branford

2 Salem Street: Lori C. and Louis E. Matteo to Julia Niedbala and Thomas W. Ferrelli, $305,000 on Oct. 21

39 Arthur Road: Jonathan Bodwell to Stephanie and Robert J. Affie, $180,000 on Nov. 1

5 Edward Road: Tully Patricia A. Est and Diane E. French to RBR Homes Inc, $120,000 on Oct. 31

Sunnyside Drive, Lot 33: Kazi M. Belal and Gulshan Ara to Albert W. and Sally Stone, $365,000 on Nov. 1

North Haven

3 Lincoln Street: Gerald R. Longobardi to Suite Developments LLC, $267,500 on Oct. 15

137 Middletown Avenue: Philip P. and Michael Palma to Orey J. and Mary V. Frost, $209,000 on Oct. 22

171 Pool Road: Minnie Collins to Robert J. and Geraldine Burke, $195,000 on Oct. 22

490 Washington Avenue: North Haven Khan LLC and Towering Oaks LLC to Towering Oaks LLC, $1 on Oct. 22

47 Lawncrest Drive: Peter and Dorleen Horn to Marshall D. Barnett, $254,000 on Oct. 28

168 Maple Avenue: Scott D. and Christin Boland to Devang and Ami Patel, $396,500 on Oct. 31

291 Maple Avenue: CBS Corp to Anthony Depaola, $2,500 on Oct. 29

40 Overbrook Road: Eugene A. Gonsalves to Gina M. Hall, $277,000 on Oct. 31

1 Rock Road: Marisa L. Turski to Lisa W. Nardelli, $302,000 on Oct. 29

21 Vista Road: Kathy R. Johnsen to Timothy J. Rooney, $250,000 on Oct. 23

490 Washington Avenue: Harbor Petroleum to North Haven Realty LLC, $494,000 on Oct. 25

490 Washington Avenue: North Haven Khan LLC and Towering Oaks LLC to Towering Oaks LLC, $1 on Oct. 25

15 Wayland Street: Albert J. and Vanessa L. Wambolt to Christopher Ciancanelli and Maria G. Loureiro, $282,500 on Oct. 31

112 Wayland Street: Sarah Ludwig and Robin Searles to Heather Osterberg-Aloi, $273,000 on Oct. 31

8 Westerly Road: Thomas J. and Tina Geoffino to Shepard T. Stevens, $304,900 on Oct. 25

211 Blue Hills Road: Harold S. Levarek to Albert J. and Vanessa R. Wambolt, $520,000 on Nov. 7

202 Rimmon Road: Dennis M. and Joanne Kennard to Cynthia L. and Jason T. Kern, $295,000 on Nov. 4


1 Bentons Knoll: Bentons Knoll LLC to Allan and Kristen Silver, $925,200 on Oct. 17

9 Copper Ridge Circle: Sherry Pruvis-Torello and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on Oct. 17

97 East Wharf Road: Paul Varsames to Lawrence J. Davidson, $748,500 on Oct. 7

54 Granite Road, Unit 54: Melissa A. Hennessey to Gordon and Tatiana Kostic, $166,450 on Oct. 11

179 Little Meadow Road: Richard Larock to Robert A. Croce, $235,000 on Oct. 17

248 Little Meadow Road: William E. Murray to Lauren M. Dean, $250,000 on Oct. 15

4 Opening Hill Road: Robert E Lienhard RET and Mary E. Lienhard to Rachael P. Cash, $1,568 on Oct. 11

46 Putzel Avenue: Janis L. Biermann to Sara and Aaron Prior, $169,950 on Sept. 18

262 Stonehedge Lane: Theodore J. and Janet K. Dombroski to Nicholas Schupback and Erin Shaw, $500,000 on Oct. 18

446 Whitfield Street, Unit M: Irving and Audrey Glassman to Russell W. and Charlene J. Carson, $474,000 on Oct. 1

48 Blue Hills Drive: Christopher A. Carter to Brookfield Relocation Inc, $475,000 on Oct. 21

39 Glenwood Drive: Corrinne F. Esposito to Shaun W. Lemarbre, $330,000 on Oct. 30

130 Half Mile Road: Bruce R. and Patricia A. Denison to Lee J. and Susan Q. Venancio, $420,000 on Oct. 30

268 Mirror Lane: Stoodard Eleanor G. Est and Margaret Kezer-Church to Kerry Reisner, $200,000 on Oct. 28

636 Nortontown Road: Donald D. and Dorothy W. Engstrom to Jeremy Lackey, $410,000 on Oct. 24

6 River Colony, Unit 6: Melissa Rosenthal to Joan Parmelee, $93,000 on Oct. 29

37 River Colony, Unit 37: Wayne N. Waters to Donna L. O'Keefe, $127,000 on Oct. 21

777 Route 80: Albert M. Santini and Elizabeth A. Doyle-Santini to Sheryl A. Rayn, $330,000 on Oct. 24

95 Russett Drive: Gerald S. Salvo to Timothy and Denice Cameron, $285,000 on Oct. 25

498 South Hoop Pole Road: South Hoop Pole Prop LLC to Akhil Reed-Amar and Vinita Parkash, $771,000 on Oct. 22

80 Seaview Terrace, Unit 16: Irene F. Menges RET and Irene F. Menges to Christine M. Miller, $50,000 on Oct. 23

1 Sleepy Hollow Road: Thomas R. and Jennifer Bright to Paul Canestri, $629,900 on Oct. 31

750 West Lake Avenue: Jane A. Harrison to Joshua Martens, $250,000 on Oct. 22

105 Wauwinet Trail, Unit 105: William S. Rosenquist to Leslie E. Ross, $107,750 on Oct. 21

179 Winthrop Road: Susan Zwack to Thomas Dannenhoffer, $340,000 on Oct. 21

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