Reinvent how America provides higher ed

My children had to take out loans for college and my daughter who is 43 is still paying. To offer a solution to our national crisis I feel this letter is much like firing a cannon ball into the ocean. I cannot begin to express my frustration and disgust.

Americans have done nothing but abuse the medium of TV using it as a source of entertainment and not education, unless you want to learn to cook.

I have on Comcast 40 music channels of every imaginable genre that could just as well be 80 channels paid for by U.S. taxes that have lectures by the best professors in the country. With a little thought these could lead to degrees in various majors. The government would have to set up testing centers, which could best be left to states. Big states would require a greater number. Tests would be midterms and finals, student expenses would be limited to text books and a TV that records the lectures. Lectures could be viewed multiple times.

This is my response to the excellent letter, "Legislators must help reduce student debt," (Dec. 16), on the subject.

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