Officials Support the Haddam-Killingworth Community Coalition

Attending the meeting were, front, Haddam HC-HK Co-Chair Carol Dupuis, Killingworth First Selectman Catherine Iino, and Haddam First Selectman Melissa Schlag; and back, State Representative Philip Miller, State Representative Tom Vicino, HC-HK Prevention Coordinator Kathryn Glendon, Killingworth Town Clerk Linda Dudek, Killingworth Assistant Town Clerk Dawn Mooney, Killingworth Tax Collector Michele Nunn, and State Senator Art Linares.

In mid-December, 2013, state and local officials attended the Healthy Communities-Healthy Kids (HC-HK, Coalition meeting. The meeting focused on the government sector of the coalition. The coalition involves multiple sectors of the community and seeks to reduce substance abuse in the Haddam-Killingworth community. The coalition also strives to engage Haddam and Killingworth youth and adults in efforts to educate, implement strategies, and change policy to advance the wellness of the community. Haddam and Killingworth community members heard from their local leaders about the work they are doing in Connecticut.

"At the State Capitol, we work together to craft policies to help young people grow up to be healthy, caring, and responsible adults," State Senator Art Linares (R-Westbrook) said. "We will continue to work in close contact with the Healthy Communities-Healthy Kids Coalition to decrease bullying behavior and improve our classroom and school climates. Our focus will continue to be on learning, decision-making, creativity, positive relationships, and health."

The government sector is vital for the coalition because they can act within their own spheres of influence, enlarging the coalition's ability to create change and implement multiple strategies, Kathryn Glendon, prevention coordinator, said. The coalition has recently placed no tobacco use signs at all the Regional 17 District's schools, held drug take back events, provided underage drinking and held marijuana media campaigns for youth and adults, provided funding for underage drinking law enforcement, and provided community education.



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