School Math Specialist Receives Mari Muri Award

Pictured left to right: Thomas Scarice, Superintendent of Schools, Stacey Daly, and Jean Fitzgerald, Madison Board of Education Chairperson

An elementary school mathematics specialist has been recognized for lifetime achievement in mathematics education.

Stacey Daley was awarded the Mari Muri Award by the Associated Teachers of Mathematics in Connecticut (ATOMIC), the state affiliate of the National Councils of Teachers of Mathematics.

Recipients of the Mari Muri Award must possess the following qualities: at least 10 years of exemplary service as a classroom teacher; service to the mathematics teaching community in the form of providing and/or designing effective professional development; extensive work to improving mathematics education; commitment to working with classroom teachers; demonstrated desire to improving curriculum, instruction and assessment in mathematics; awareness of new mathematical activities and trends in the field of mathematics education; expertise in using data and research to impact instruction; demonstrated leadership ability.


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