On this editorial, the Tribune got it right

In the Dec. 6 issue of The Day, I was gratified to see the excellent op-ed "Uphold religious freedom."

I had not read such a clear defense of our constitutional rights in The Day since Reid MacCluggage was the publisher. I thought that Theodore Bodenwein, founder of The Day Trust, must be pleased that The Day certainly is now the "...defender of the people's rights," as expressed in his will.

However, I read too quickly.

I had been reading a guest editorial from the Chicago Tribune about the Obama administration's attack on the religious organization, the Little Sisters of the Poor, forcing them to agree to supply contraceptive coverage against their faith.

Next to that editorial, and right below Bodenwein's statement, was an editorial from The Day in which they took the opposite stand, recommending lifting the Supreme Court injunction protecting the Little Sisters constitutional rights.

I'm getting the impression that The Day newspaper, whether right or wrong, will support the Obama administration no matter how egregious their policies.

Thank you for publishing the Chicago Tribune editorial, but maybe The Day should go back and reread Bodenwein's words again.

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