Krauthammer rightly exposes charlatans

Kudos to Charles Krauthammer for the op-ed, "Take stand against academic anti-Semitism," (Jan. 11). The American Studies Association boycott of Israel is incredibly wrong. No academic society should be boycotting any nation's academics. Why, in violation of long-standing principles of academic discourse, has that happened? With a mostly disengaged membership, a small coterie of radical activists has stealthily prevailed.

Why Israel? The ASA's ridiculous response: "One has to start somewhere." There is, indeed, a lengthy list of human rights abusing and academy constraining nations. Including, of course, the wide circle of countries surrounding Israel.

In Israeli universities, however, Jewish and Arab faculty and students freely intermix, amid vigorous debate. No ASA wonder why wounded Syrians and Palestinians flee to Israel for treatment? Or recall of repeated Israeli peace feelers, all summarily rejected by the Palestinians? Or disgust at their continuing institutional incitement to violence and obscene adulation of terrorists?

ASA radicals aren't really interested in eliminating their imagined Israeli human rights abuses. Their real aim is to eliminate Israel. They especially seek to spread this moral rot to other academic associations. Thus the need to expose them as the utter charlatans they are. After all, one has to start somewhere.

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