Treat dogs as dogs to prevent tragedy

I read with anguish, "Police shoot dog inside Mystic hotel after woman injured in attack," (Jan. 12), and I pray to God the dog will recover. Why couldn't this police officer have used a stun or a tranquiler gun instead?

Dogs become very nervous in enclosed and unfamiliar places, and around humans they don't know or trust, and some people are very ignorant in approaching them.

Many times, I've been out walking with my dogs, both leashed, and people will approach the dogs. It's especially frightening when parents allow their little children to do this. I immediately alert them to stay away from my dogs. My dogs don't know these people, and to see people they don't recognize approaching us poses a threat to them.

Dogs are still "dogs" and although we as humans have domesticated them, they are still unpredictable. We need to respect that. The owner of the dog in the hotel should have had the dog muzzled. Hopefully in the future, that will be a requirement. Otherwise, hotels may end up banning dogs.

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