Proud, grateful having worked for D'Amore

I would like to respond to Morgan McGinley's guest-op, "D'Amore's political skills shook up Conn. politics," (Jan. 9).

Tom D'Amore gave me my first job in politics. I was the field director for Chairman D'Amore in 1983 for the Connecticut GOP.

Since the last 30 years have been tumultuous for me in politics, I suppose I could blame, "The Chairman." It would be far more accurate to thank him.

I went from working for The Chairman to work for Sen. Lowell P. Weicker. The rest is history. The fact that I was privileged for a time to have a political column in this paper is due in large part to what I learned from The Chairman and Weicker. My political being was shaped by these two men.

In 2004 I left the Republican Party and became an independent. After working in D.C., I moved back to Connecticut in 1995. The Rowland years had begun. I was told to do all I could to not let people know I was a "Weicker guy," which by association said I was a D'Amore guy.

Never happened. I remain proud to have worked for "The Chairman" and "The old man."

Tom taught me that politics is about ideas not ideology. Rest in peace, Mr. Chairman.

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