NL City Hall relocation would be very costly

A well-meaning person wrote to The Day suggesting City Hall could be moved to the old Edgerton school, "Consider old school for new NL City Hall," (Jan. 18). After many years serving in various positions in municipal government I have learned that simple answers from well meaning persons are usually well meaning, but never simple.

Our 1914 City Hall has a large two-room state-regulated vault with a state -regulated fireproof vault door. Municipal vaults are controlled by Connecticut General Statutes and under the supervision of the Connecticut State Librarian and the State Public Records Administrator. This situation is known as an unfunded state mandate. The vault in City Hall has been cited as being well below the state regulated size since the 1980s. But, it is grandfathered until the clerk's office moves to a different location. That is why the City Clerk never moved to the bank building across the street as originally planned. That is why the cost of building a new vault, under state specifications, demands it be the size of a whole floor at City Hall. A state fire-rated vault door alone was estimated at more than $60,000 20 years ago.

The idea of simply moving desks into another building is not that simple. Nothing is.

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