Photo didn't truly depict feature recipe

The front cover of the Jan. 15 Daybreak, "Get ready for Niantic Restaurant Week ... and then some," had some great pictures to promote Niantic restaurant week. The photo of chicken curry and apple soup had an appealing contrast of red apples and green garnish, in a yellow/orange broth. Too bad the recipe did not correspond to this beautiful photo. The recipe calls for Granny Smith apples (a green apple) and also recommends peeling the fruit. And no where is there any indication of a garnish - chives? cilantro? Something else? The only green herbal material is two bay leaves cooked into the broth, something that certainly would not give this pretty of a soup topping, even if the leaves remained in the soup when served (not usual as dried bay leaves are fibrous, unappetizing, and difficult to digest).

When your feature photo is nothing more than an eye-draw without the accuracy of the product it is meant to promote, I find it not only in poor taste (pun intended), but also false advertising.

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