East Lyme committee to study redistricting

East Lyme — A new committee will study whether the town needs to adjust the boundaries governing student enrollment at its elementary schools.

The ad hoc committee, formed at last week’s Board of Education meeting, will research enrollment, class sizes and teacher-to-student ratios at the district’s three elementary schools, as well as the optimal enrollment for each facility. It will also look into what factors should be considered when determining whether enrollment at the schools needs to be re-balanced.

The implications of potential redistricting on students, families and staff will be among the topics the committee will research, according to the committee’s charter. “The goal of the exploratory scholarship is to educate the entire Board on the factors that should be considered in determining if re-balancing of school enrollment is justified,” reads the committee charter. “It is important that the entire Board understands and has a framework to considering whether action is needed.”

The committee is expected to present its research in March. The school board will then consider whether to take any next steps, including hosting community forums, according to the charter.

Three school board members — Joseph Arcarese, Al Littlefield and Jaime Barr Shelburn — will serve on the committee, along with three administrators.

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