Productive lives lost to the evil of abortion

Thoughts go back 41 years to the infamous Supreme Court decision to make abortion the law of the land. The court found it was the constitutional privacy right of a woman to abort an unwanted child. Forget about the "right" to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life is first and everything follows.

My thoughts bring me to the idea that one of these aborted souls may have discovered a cure for our most severe diseases - cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many more.

One soul may have been given the gift of being a peacemaker in these troubled times.

One soul could have been a true patriot and a politician, who worked for the people, not for his or her own aggrandizement.

Surely, with more than 50 million lives taken in abortion there would be many productive people working and paying taxes. I weep for these aborted children, but mostly I weep for the country that has allowed this to happen.

May God have mercy on us and not treat us as we deserve.

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