Ending school violence begins with parents

Back in my school days, some 60 or more years ago, the occurrence of shootings in schools was totally unheard of and nonexistent. What was different then, from what is now? It is the overwhelming violence that is shown on television programs, video games, and the movie theaters. Fortunately, most children are not influenced by this violence that they are exposed to. However, this can be the tipping point for some children. What can we do as a civilized society to prevent this from happening?

The onus is largely on the parents and industry. I believe more parents should be more proactive in what their children watch on television, what video games they allow them to play, and what movies they can attend. Unfortunately, violence tends to sell. Movies should have the PG rating moved to an R rating, based on violence and not just sexual content.

If parents took a more active role in what their children are exposed to view and play, this could result in a more positive outcome and more respect for their teachers, their fellow students, and themselves.

Also, parents owning firearms must always have them safely secured.

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