If speeding continues cameras will follow

About to enter Interstate 95 on my way to work, I groan as I notice the stream of drivers flowing beneath the overpass at Exit 75. Punching the accelerator to the floor, I cross my fingers hoping my car will get up to the speed of traffic as I try to get on the highway. As I'm about to enter, two tractor- trailers come walloping past. Thankfully alive and safely on the highway, I drive past the 50 mph sign on the right. Noticing the speedometer reading somewhere over 60 and the stream of traffic steadily surging past me, I wondered what their speedometers read?

Sitting in the parking lot after work, I sifted through the radio stations. There was another accident, another tractor-trailer had jack-knifed. The accident was caused by the driver's excess speed. I wonder why the 50 mph sign I passed that morning is even there. Patrol officers cannot effectively enforce it when thousands of vehicles pass it each day.

On a Maryland trip I noticed everyone driving the speed limit. Then I realized why. A sign had a picture of a camera and a caption reading, "Speed Cameras in effect."

We must either abide by the law or pay for the expensive automated ticketing devices and the fines that go with them.

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