Restaurant's closing wasn't a surprise

The "For Lease" sign that recently appeared in the window of the Lazy Burrito restaurant in Old Mystic wasn't a surprise. I noticed small numbers of customers in the time it was open.

It also was sad because my family and I liked the limited menu there, and the food was prepared in house from fresh ingredients. It was delicious and healthier than much restaurant fare.

However, I did not visit frequently because the ethnic slur implied by the name, "Lazy Burrito" made me uncomfortable. Twice I mentioned this to the resident acting manager, to no visible good. Also, the spare interior space with no attempt at décor, made it appear to be a transient venture, which it turned out to be.

If others had similar reactions, these would be some additional reasons why it failed, beyond the financial problems spelled out in The Day's editorial, "Small business aid program needs scrutiny," (Jan. 25). The DECD could accompany its business loans with advice to help entrepreneurs gain success in the ventures it supports.

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